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Creative Internet Human: Philosophy in the 21st Century, created and written by Joshua Judd. Original content © 2010 – 2020.
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What is Creative Internet Human?

As a philosophy student in 2011, Joshua developed a theory based on Hegel’s dialectic process. Creative Internet Human is the virtual embodiment of Joshua’s thesis in concert with his conception of how to properly enact the discipline of Philosophy in the 21st century.

By applying Hegel’s model of thesis -> antithesis -> synthesis to structures of power that have emerged throughout history, Joshua developed a hypothesis about the concentration and transference of power across human civilization. By subsequently applying the model to current events, Joshua created an ontology of what he terms Emergent Material Superstructures. Further explanation of Joshua’s theory is currently under development.

Joshua’s theory of enacted Philosophy differs substantially from those in the Academy. Theirs is a method well-suited to the financial and ideological interests of the ivory tower initiated, but that fails to deliver for the global populace of thinkers, creators, and lovers of wisdom who either cannot or desire not to enter into the hallowed halls of academic elitism.

Creative Internet Human is a virtual knowledge project, and thus remains perpetually unfinished. The work you now hold and the ideas found herein will continue to evolve and develop over time. The reader is invited to engage with the work in the spirit of charitable intellectual curiosity, and with the knowledge that where explanatory gaps exist today, an update may already be forthcoming.

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This is what Philosophy looks like in the 21st century.