Too Rad to Fail

I’ve been told “It gets better.” I’ve even told others that it gets better. But has it? Has my life gotten better, does it feel more liveable than it used to? Yes, actually.

Life can be confusing as Hell, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned, progressed, and grown as a person. In college I entered a discipline that aims to provide insight and a pathway to knowledge. I know it’s okay to be uncertain about some of the big things in life and simultaneously know for certain that things have gotten better.

In the past I’ve echoed the sentiment of the Existentialists that, “Hell is other people.” It’s not. Sure, other people can be terrible. They can be cruel and heartless, careless and hateful. But more often than not, the other people in my life–my people–have always helped make things better.

They make me smile. They surprise me. They enlighten me. I love the people in my life. Especially those I’ve seen recently and those I’ve seen often over the past few years. They’re each a shining example to me of the good in the world.

I love y’all. Thanks for helping me keep calm, stay centered, and feel fabulous. Stay strong–y’all are too rad to fail.

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