AZ’s Gov. Jan Brewer Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

I’m as relieved as you are that AZ’s SB1062 was vetoed yesterday, but I’m not about to thank Jan Brewer for doing so any more than I’m about thank her for choosing not to spit in my face.

Jan Brewer has done more than enough harm to the state of Arizona and its people while Governor. She doesn’t deserve a prize for choosing this one time not to make things even worse for us and our neighbors.

If you don’t think so, just ask the millions of people who have had their families torn apart as a result of racist policies she has supported and signed into law.

MLK said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The reality for Arizonans in 2014 is that as long as Jan Brewer and her cronies in the state legislature remain in office, it is clear that the arc of Arizona’s moral universe will not bend toward justice.

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