Applecare Redefined

The Apple Watch I like. I just hope I can afford it when pricing is announced next year.

I hope the modularity theory discussed on The Talk Show is the model Apple chooses to adopt for Apple Watch. If not for the Sport Edition, then at least for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

I would love for Apple Watch to become a personal legacy device that we keep around because of sentiment, made possible by the option of internal upgrades year after year.

It could turn the idea of classist consumerism on its head. Already there’s a backlash against those who upgrade to a new smartphone every year, in spite of new features and functionality.

Depletion of rare resources required to make phones, environmental destruction caused by used batteries piling up in landfills, and questionable labor practices in developing nations are all reasons cited for consciously decreasing one’s demand for high tech products.

But if you were to spend a large chunk of change up front for a device you know you’ll come to love and that will actually retain (and perhaps increase) value over the years…now that’s thinking differently.

AppleCare redefined.

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