Phone probs and thoughts

I recently switched from a Nexus 5 (which I loved) to an iPhone 6 (which I like even more). It was going to be a huge chunk of change for me, so I wanted to get the right one. I spent a lot of time weighing the options.

I think it’s pretty clear by now that to some degree our phones define us, and that other people define their perceptions of us based on our phones. It’s now part of our culture.

The main reason I’ve stuck with the white iPhone since it became an option on iPhone 4S is that with iPhone 5, the space grey model started to feel too masculine for me.

And that’s just me. Like, can you imagine me with the current Droid Razr Maxx? The one with a Kevlar back. It would be comical beyond reason. It’s probably a good phone and the right choice for some people, but not for me.

I had a space grey iPhone 5 for a few months, but even that was so sleek and unassuming it almost felt like a secret weapon. But phones aren’t weapons. I think Apple knows it too. That’s why it’s “space grey” instead of “gun metal grey.”

All things considered, iPads are an entirely different story.

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