Until Every Elephant Is Free

It was announced today that Ringling Brothers Circus Plans to stop using elephants in its shows by 2018. FTA:

The company cited growing public concern for animal welfare and a “mood shift” from audiences as the reason behind its decision. Company president Kenneth Feld also claimed it was getting too expensive to fight anti-elephant legislation in cities around the US. Ringling’s three shows visit 115 cities throughout the year, some of which, like Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho, have recently passed “anti-circus” ordinances.
PETA has already responded to the decision, saying, “If Ringling is serious about this decision, then it needs to end its use of elephants now.

Animals are not ours to use for any reason, including in circuses, zoos, Sea World, and rodeos. If you view these forums of animal abuse and exploitation as entertainment, please: rethink your position.

This is not about what we individually choose to eat. Fundamentally, this is an issue of Justice. Humans have no right to imprison other sentient beings who feel pain, create art, live in family units, and mourn the losses of their loved ones. In every way that matters, they’re just like us. What doesn’t matter is how well you believe the animals in these prisons are cared for. A prison is a prison. They shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Justice can be hard to come by for Humans, but it’s non-existent for these majestic, intelligent beings. For they truly are the salt of the earth: Do we care for, learn from, and protect the species we share this planet with, or do we cast them out, to be trodden under our feet? Do we cherish the last days of our endangered friends, or do we mock them as we systematically eliminate their habitats, round up their young, and imprison them for a few fleeting moments of entertainment?

One day, every cage will be empty, every lab will be abandoned, and every slaughterhouse will be demolished. They will stand forever as pockmarks across the land, reminding our species of the atrocities we once accepted, even celebrated.

In solidarity, Until Every Animal Is Free.

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