The Roosevelt Institute’s Forge Fellowship

The Forge Fellowship seeks to empower a new generation of young leaders like our late friend Reese Neader, who enthusiastically envision and push for progressive policy change at the local level.

Last month, the Roosevelt Network launched the Forge Fellowship, a summer fellows program extended to students who do not have an existing Roosevelt chapter on their community college or university campus.


This Fellowship honors my late friend and mentor Reese Neader, who served as the
Network’s National Policy Director when I joined Roosevelt in 2010. Throughout his life, Reese worked in communities across the country whose voices were not being heard in national politics by building civic infrastructure in order to address the unique challenges faced by these communities. After hearing that Reese had passed in December 2016, we decided to create a fellowship that would honor our friend’s legacy.

Read more about Reese and his life’s work: [1] [2]

The groundwork for the Forge Fellowship was laid in 2017 by Roosevelt Network Alumni, and earlier this year we strengthened collaboration with the Roosevelt Institute and Reese’s community in Columbus, Ohio to finalize the design of this exciting opportunity to empower students. Applications will be open to students through April 20, 2018.


As an alum of the Roosevelt Network, I’ll serve as a mentor for the incoming class of Forge Fellows (community college and public university students). Mentors check in with Fellows to offer avenues of support for the Fellow’s policy project and to connect them with resources across Reese’s Wolfpack: a coalition of Roosevelt alums and Reese’s broader network, including his family, friends, and the Forge Columbus and Kiva Columbus communities.

Knowing Reese during my years as an undergraduate at ASU helped me to connect the dots with regard to how policy can be used as a driver for social change, and how I can play a role in that process personally. Reese’s guidance and advocacy was key to our Roosevelt chapter at ASU securing funding for a regional conference on Sustainability, and for our chapter’s policy initiative on Urban Agriculture. 

Over the years, I’ve continued to feel inspired by the change that students can affect when equipped with the support of the Roosevelt Institute. I’m so proud to see the Forge Fellowship continue Reese’s legacy.taking-root1-captioned

Spread the word and Donate to the Forge Fellowship

  • Encourage students to apply for the Forge Fellowship here!Since this Fellowship is offered to students at campuses without existing Roosevelt Chapters, WE NEED YOUR HELP to get the word out to students!
    • The application deadline is April 20, 2018.
  • Donate here to support the Forge Fellows!Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to fund the incoming class of Forge Fellows as they push for progressive policy change at the local level.

Donate QR Code-horizontalIf you have any questions about the Roosevelt Institute or the Forge Fellowship, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I hope to hear from you.

Forge On,

Joshua Judd

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